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Egghead Branding Agency aimed to develop a visual direction that conveyed the true value of being an artisan, local, and earthy brand.


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Onuka is artisan chocolate maker using hand-selected cocoa beans nurtured by our local farmers, ready to redefine a healthier choice of treats for the world’s greater good. Made with beans from diverse origins, Onuka is bringing the legends back to life in every flavor to capture Indonesia’s wonderful cultures.

Onuka stands for O-Nusantara-Kakao, which means “cacao from the archipelago” in Bahasa. Onuka treasures nature’s flavor by offering healthier chocolate, wholeheartedly crafted without any artificial ingredients. Daily treats to start a guilt-free lifestyle for the world’s greater good.

We recognize that they were facing some challenges in terms of brand awareness and marketing opportunities. To address these challenges, we worked with Onuka to effectively reach their target audience: those health-conscious individuals who were seeking healthier treats.

The consultation with EGGHEAD shed light on many branding scopes, from logo development, and product packaging, to illustrations and storytelling narratives based on Indonesian folklore.

We developed a visual direction that conveys the true value of being an artisan, local, and earthy brand. We want the brand to be wholesome by treasuring nature’s flavor and creating a meaningful impact for the world’s greater good.

To truly bring Onuka brand to life, EGGHEAD started with the development of a logo that would represent Onuka’s commitment to high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients. The logo arrived in a simple yet bold and modern with a subtle cocoa pod incorporated into the lettering.

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