Design Bridge and Partners and Agricola Dargenio Partner for Design of Olive Oil Brand, Padre

“Celebrating a daughter’s bond with her father and their connection to the land.”





Superunion has partnered with family-owned Italian olive oil producer, Agricola Dargenio, to relaunch Padre, a handcrafted olive oil made in Puglia. Superunion created the brand identity and designed the packaging for the new range.

Superunion worked with Emanuela Dargenio, the CEO and granddaughter of the founder of Agricola Dargenio, to create a brand that “pays tribute to her father and his connection to their land,” the agency said adding that the Padre rebrand celebrates her father’s story, living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the farm; taking care of each olive tree through respect and nourishment of the land.

The identity includes a hand-drawn signature, and a personal mark of the maker, to express the idea of being ‘As One With the Olive’.


The visual language is formed from a pencil sketch of a farmer’s hand, rough from the labour of the land, and a delicate olive branch, intentionally disconnected on the bottle label to express the ‘made by hand’ craftsmanship.

The imagery, designed by Italian artist and family friend of Emanuela’s, Gianluca Crudele, reflects the beauty of the transformation a farmer’s hands has on the delicate fruit.

“In doing so, it celebrates his daughter’s love and admiration for his role in this process,” the agency said.


“The colour palette draws on natural tones – in dark olive, pale green and grey, combined with signature ochre. Photography art direction and a video shoot were produced in partnership with Hiss Media agency in Milan.

The launch of Padre, meaning ‘father’ in Italian, continues the partnership between Agricola Dargenio and Superunion, creators of the limited-edition range, Figlia, or ‘daughter’ in Italian. Figlia won a multitude of creative industry awards, including a Cannes Lions.

For the online launch of Padre, Superunion evolved Agricola Dargenio’s masterbrand identity and created a new ecommerce website which features the newly defined brand’s tone of voice and story, and features the bottle variations of additional Padre flavoured oils – with aromas of herbs, citrus fruits and spices reflected in a choice of a natural colours.

Emanuela Dargenio, CEO of Agricola Dargenio said: “The launch of Padre has been a personal passion project for me. Superunion understood that including my father’s love of the land in the brand was of utmost importance to me. I believe the end product captures the beauty of the process of taking produce from the land directly to people’s plate, thanks to the love and care of a farmer.”

Gianluca Crudele, Design Director of Superunion, added: “Creating such a personal product and one that reflects the ebbs and flows of the farming world has been a great project for us, and bringing to life the beauty of the natural world and of familial connection is an exciting creative challenge. An ode to farming families is a fitting way to achieve this, and really highlights the love that goes into creating every bottle of Padre. We are so pleased to help tell the story of this incredible product.”


Gianluca Crudele- Design Director

Louisa Luk- Designer

Eugenia Chui- Project Management

Cecylia Grendowicz, Strategy Director

Meghan Claridge- Production Management
Photographer: Scott Kimble (still life), Marilisa Gorgoglione (portraits)
Editing: Connor Reddy

3D: Giovanni Gazzillo

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