iPrice Loses Sonny Truyen to 99.co

iPrice Group has experienced another setback with the departure of Sonny Truyen. Sonny Truyen joined the internet company in March this year as its vice president of growth. This month he joined 99.co as its vice president of digital marketing.

UPDATE: Sonny Truyen Fired After Flame War over Pokemon Go

Truyen’s notable past employers include eBay, First Rate and iCar Asia Limited. He has worked in Australia, the UK, Malaysia and now Singapore. He describes himself as a


“battle tested digital marketer with ten years’ experience directing marketing & technology teams at global arena. Proven history of marketing game changing products in e-commerce, technology & automotive industries with violent efficiency across multiple regions.”

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With over 100,000 authentic listings sorted by robust algorithms, 99.co considers itself the smartest portal for finding property in Singapore, complemented by a great customer service team. The team of 45 consists of award-winning engineers, data scientists, philosophers, art historians, lawyers and writers.