Calling Singapore a ‘Shit Country’ Sonny Truyen Fired After Flame War over Pokemon Go

Just a few weeks back we reported that Sonny Truyen had left his job at iPrice and been hired by

Well, that gig is over with bang, as the Australian native ignited a fatal Facebook flame war after becoming incensed that his host country of Singapore didn’t yet offer the hot new Pokémon Go yet.

That’s right, Pokemon Go. It’s the big issues that matter, folks.


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Truyen opened the battle with what might to him at the time seemed innocuous, saying: “You can’t f**king catch Pokémon in this piece of f**king sh*t country.”

Singapore shit country Pokemon


This ignited the flame war with Singaporean Adelene Kong:

As these things are want to do it quickly evolved into a witch hunt, and people discovered that Truyen had just taken a position as the vice president of digital marketing at local property site

On Sunday evening,’s CEO, Darius Cheung folded to pressure as comments flooded in on the company’s Facebook page.

Facebook Flame War Singapore is Shit Country

Cheung posted an apology on the company’s blog:

1) Sonny, an SEO specialist, started consulting with us last monday, he has been a consultant with us for about a week when this incident happened

2) We are a proud Singaporean company and we do not condone such language or behaviour, we have terminated his engagement with us immediately, as soon as the incident came to our attention

Truyen appears to have deactivated or deleted his Facebook and LinkedIn account since the incident.