Are You a Toilet Blocker? It’s Time to Stop and Seek Help – New Campaign from Sydney Water

“Take a seat and take the pledge.”


Sydney Water


It’s Friday


It’s one of those days. There’s water seeping out under the door, your hallway carpet is wet, and your new tilework is a tapestry of bad decisions.

Namely, the bad decision of flushing something down the toilet that you shouldn’t have.

According to a new campaign from Sydney Water via It’s Friday, there are only three things that should ever be flushed down the toilet: Pee, poo, and toilet paper. However, says the campaign, 55% of Sydneysiders still think it’s okay to flush more than the ‘3Ps’, resulting in over 20,000 sewer blockages a year, with a clean-up cost of $27 million.


It’s time to confront these people with a flushing truth: If you’re flushing anything other than the 3Ps, you’re a Toilet Blocker.

This simple message forms the basis of a new campaign aimed at breaking people’s bad flushing habits for Sydney Water by agency It’s Friday,

Framing errant flushers as Toilet Blockers, a film, social, radio, print, and PR campaign features a group of everyday Sydneysiders dealing with their incorrect flushing habits with the help of a support group called Toilet Blocker’s Anonymous.


Elise Barker, Acting Head of Brand, Media and Marketing at Sydney Water said, “This is a serious issue in our wastewater network and a significant problem right across Greater Sydney. We wanted to use humour to make people think twice about what they’re flushing down the toilet.

“The 3Ps may be simple to learn, but we needed a memorable and engaging way to encourage people to rethink their behaviour. It’s Friday’s ‘Toilet Blockers’ campaign does just that.”

Vince Lagana, CCO of It’s Friday, added: “The message is simple, if you flush inappropriately, you’re part of a hidden group of everyday Sydneysiders who must break their bad flushing habits before it breaks their toilet. You may not know it, but you are a Toilet Blocker.

It’s not often you get to communicate a message that’s serious but also so awkward, it’s tailor-made for comedy. We’ve had a great time bringing it to life and we’ve all learned things along the way. Like, who knew tissues shouldn’t be flushed?”


Client: Sydney Water
Creative Agency: It’s Friday
Production Company: Rabbit
Director: Craig Rasmus
Executive Producers: Lucas Jenner & Alex Hay
Producer: Marge McInnis
Casting: Danny Long
Post Production: The Editors
Sound: Squeak E. Clean Studios
Photography Production: The Pool Collective
Photographer: Ingvar Kenne
Retoucher: Mark Sterne


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