‘Wombat Walker’ and ‘Wine Whisperer’ – Tasmania Invites Aussies to try an Off Season Odd Job

Tourism Tasmania has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign offering ten different ‘Odd Jobs.’

Tourism Tasmania has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign called Odd Jobs, that is designed to encourage Australians to swap their day jobs for a uniquely Tasmanian Odd Job during the off-season.

Developed in partnership with HAVAS Red and supported by Starcom, Odd Jobs features 10 different experiences designed by Tasmanian tourism businesses. Australians can apply for one of the hands-on Odd Jobs until July 8 via the Discover Tasmania website.

Up for the taking are one-off, uniquely Tasmanian experiences, with each successful applicant receiving travel, accommodation, and a bounty of local artisanal goods for their time.


Not to mention being able to add the Odd Job title to their resume and all the bragging rights that come with it.

To bring the campaign to life across earned and social media, Tourism Tasmania has recruited Australian Comedian, Writer and Actor, Josh Thomas, to give fellow mainlanders insight into the skills (or lack of) needed for an ‘Odd Job’.

“As temperatures drop during winter, we know Australians are seeking a well-being boost and a break from the daily grind,” said Lindene Cleary, Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Tasmania.


“In contrast to their busy working lives, each ‘Odd Job’ is an opportunity to plunge into the heart of Tasmania’s O Season in the spirit of adventure, whether it be creative stimulation or outdoor exhilaration, the company of animals, artisans, or absolutely no one – there’s an ‘Odd Job’ to suit everyone.”

Georgina Thompson, Client Services Director at HAVAS Red added “Leading into winter, burnout skyrockets. In Tassie, working with your hands, engaging in anti-ordinary hobbies, and connecting with the earth is second nature.

“We thought, why not work with Tasmanian tourism operators to oer Aussies some seriously Odd Jobs? Whether it’s breathing in the fresh Tassie air while walking George the wombat, getting in touch with your spidey senses while investigating paranormal activity, or living your train-spotting dreams, one of Tasmania’s Odd Jobs could be just the thing you need to reconnect this winter.”

Available Odd Jobs in Tasmania

Tourism Tasmania released the following available odd jobs and their descriptions.

  • Wombat Walker – East Coast Natureworld – Set your alarm for sunrise and join the wombats at East Coast Natureworld for their daily walk. It keeps them happy and healthy and will do the same for you, too. There’s no better (or cuter) way to warm up on a chilly winter morning.
  • Oyster Organiser – Freycinet Marine Farm – Pull on a pair of waders and plod through the tranquil waters of Great Oyster Bay. Lose yourself in the rhythm of the role as you clean and categorise, sort, shuck, and slurp – ensuring every oyster meets the highest standards.
  • Sauna Stoker – Little Beach Co. – When your office is a wood-fired sauna overlooking the Tasman Sea, it’s hard to beat. Little Beach Co. needs a heat-lover to keep the flames fed and maintain a cosy temperature to contrast the winter chill. Nestled into the Tasmanian bush, it’s the ideal escape for those seeking some solitude.
  • Wine Whisperer – Clover Hill – This Odd Job calls for a green thumb and a sensitive palate. It’s part tending, part tasting. You’ll wander among the vines pruning back the old growth to make way for the new.
  • Paranormal Investigator – Tasmania’s Most Haunted – Test your nerve in an after-dark investigation of Willow Court Asylum. Follow your sixth sense to unearth its secrets and unravel unsolved mysteries, armed with the latest detecting devices and your keen investigative skills.
  • Cave Conductor – Gunns Plains Caves – Go underground with local musician Charlie to set up for a subterranean concert in Gunns Plains Caves. Bring your instrument to improvise some tunes together to test the cavernous acoustics, ensuring the sound reaches every crack and crevice for his performance.
  • True Snuer – The Truedore – If trues are rare, then a good True Snuer is rarer still. Lead the hunt for these hidden gems alongside your highly trained truedog. Carefully unearth the elusive black winter trues to be cleaned, graded, and, of course, sampled.
  • Star Seeker – Rathmore – Pull on your parka and connect with the cosmos. As a Star Seeker, you’ll navigate the night sky alongside astronomy buffs. Assist with celestial observations, telescope handling, and astro-imaging. It’s the ideal Odd Job to quiet your mind, unplug from civilization, and revel in the majesty of the southern stars.
  • Fireman – West Coast Wilderness Railway – Don your overalls and join the Locomotive Crew. Warm your hands over the firebox, riding shotgun in the cab alongside the Driver and Fireman through the rugged Tasmanian wilderness.
  • Soaksmith – Little Things Farm – Awaken your senses. Little Things Farm needs a Soaksmith to craft its signature scented bath salt, which captures the essence of the winter season. Soak up inspiration from the winter landscape and channel your creativity into your creation.

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