Contenders at Cannes 2024: The Benz Effect – Mercedes-Benz | Team X Thailand

Leading up to Cannes Lions, we showcase creative campaigns submitted from across the Asia Pacific.

Campaign Background

Team X Thailand

The campaign explores the cultural phenomenon in Thailand where children named “Benz” symbolize parental aspirations and admiration for the Mercedes-Benz brand, enhancing brand affinity.

Recognizing this unique cultural connection, Mercedes-Benz, in a strategic move to boost its presence at the upcoming Thai Motor Show, adopted a novel approach to draw visitors to their booth. Partnering with BBDO Bangkok and director Benz Thanachart, Mercedes-Benz launched a documentary titled “The Meaning of Benz.”

This initiative recruited individuals nationwide named ‘Benz’, who were then given personalized QR codes, effectively turning them into brand ambassadors. These ambassadors were instrumental in spreading invitations to the Motor Show and enhancing lead generation through their social networks.

Before the Motor Show, the documentary was released featuring 15 Benzes, who shared their personal stories and connections with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The campaign and the film garnered viral attention, with numerous ‘Benzes’ being tagged by friends online, earning widespread acclaim for its unique celebration of the bond between the individuals and the brand.

At the Motor Show, a new model, the GLC Coupé, was unveiled in a special edition designed by an artist known as Benz-Bloodily His Big Head. This new model, alongside the innovative campaign, captivated attendees, culminating in the GLC Coupé being named the highlight car of the Motor Show 2024.

The campaign effectively used the cultural significance of the ‘Benz’ name to strengthen brand loyalty and attract significant attention, making it a notable success at the event.

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