K-Pop Star SUHO Partners with Diageo to Promote Responsible Drinking

“I really like how we’ve weaved into the song and music video messaging around pacing yourself, savouring the moment and not losing yourself.”


Diageo has launched a new regional responsible drinking campaign in the Asia-Pacific. The brand has tapped SUHO of K-pop group EXO to promote responsible and moderate alcohol consumption with the campaign kicking off in South Korea and running in Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam in the coming months.

The ‘Enjoy the Flow, Savour Every Moment’ campaign will feature an original song recorded by SUHO, a music video, and behind-the-scenes footage that “emphasizes the importance of savoring each moment and enjoying alcohol in moderation,” the brand said.

The track blends familiar sounds from a bar, such as glasses clinking, with sounds of nature and flowing water to produce multiple layers of music. The accompanying lyrics include messages like “take it easy”, “slow down”, and “savour every moment” to remind listeners to drink slow and pace themselves with water.


SUHO, with his superpower ‘water’ in the EXO universe, is expected to align well with one of the key messages of the campaign – that staying hydrated by drinking water regularly is an important way to encourage moderation, said Diageo in a release.

On the campaign, SUHO said, “I’m happy to participate in a purposeful campaign, where I can share meaningful messages for a good cause.”

“Occasionally when I do have a drink, I make sure to drink in moderation. I really like how we’ve weaved into the song and music video messaging around pacing yourself, savouring the moment and not losing yourself.”


In line with other responsible drinking campaigns, this new activation will direct consumers to DRINKiQ.com, a dedicated, responsible drinking website available in 16 languages and 35 country sites. DRINKiQ shares information and advice on alcohol consumption, and a range of resources to encourage moderate drinking.

During the campaign, the site will spotlight a letter from SUHO on the importance of moderation and practical tips such as pacing drinks with water and enjoying beverages with food.

“At Diageo, we are dedicated to promoting moderation and investing in programmes that encourage responsible alcohol consumption,” said Wilson Del Socorro, Corporate Relations Director, Asia Pacific.


“This groundbreaking campaign with SUHO enables us to tap into the growing influence of K-Culture, engaging adult consumers across Asia Pacific in a creative way to make more mindful choices and embrace moderation.”

SUHO also penned a short letter to fans on the DRINKiQ website.

Hey everyone!

This is SUHO, an ambassador for Diageo’s DRINKiQ campaign. When I heard of this campaign, I was quite excited to collaborate with Diageo to spread the word on how important it is to stay in control when drinking alcohol through my song.

Of course, I sometimes drink as well, but I really believe it’s important to keep to my limit.

Good habits like drinking slowly, pacing myself with water and eating food are just some ways to ensure I have a quality time with friends and family.

Thanks for all your support as always, and I hope this song reminds you to savour every moment, and never lose yourself.

xoxo, SUHO

There is also a behind-the-scenes video:

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