Indonesia’s Bango with New App — Leaving Nothing to Waste

    By Asia Ad Junkie - May 17, 2015
    Indonesia’s Bango with New App — Leaving Nothing to Waste

    Many meals in Indonesia are considered incomplete without the addition of kecap manis also known simply as sweet soy sauce. The Bango company has released some attention-grabbing new ads for their beloved sauce.

    Indonesians are known for making the most of their meals by eating nearly all parts of the animal be it beef, mutton or chicken. They eat cow’s ribs and tongue, chicken head and claws, lambs brain, intestines and just about everything else. Waste not want not, right?

    The challenge with such a variety of tastes from different parts of the animal, has always been about how to cook these parts into their own delicious tasting meal.


    More than just advertising the already popular sauce, the idea is to push a new recipe app that features various types of food you can cook with each part of the animal.

    The new campaign was put together by ad agency Lowe Indonesia.

    Kegap Bango website


    Advertising Agency:Lowe, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Chief Creative Officer:Roy Wisnu
    Executive Creative Director:Firman Halim
    Associate Creative Director:Nurman Priatna
    Creative Group Head:Fanny Pardiansyah, Vito Winarko
    Art Director:Lucianne Putri
    Copywriter:Dhannisa Nurfira
    Associate Account Director:Fanny Meilana
    Account Executive:Putty Chaeronissa, Audia Primanti
    Agency Producer:Handayani Wirdan
    Photographer:Utomo Rahardjo
    Digital Imaging:Anka!

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