How GHL Used Facebook to Earn 1,000% More Leads

GHL Systems Berhad is a leading payment solutions provider in the Asia Pacific region, deploying world-class payment infrastructure, technology and services.

In an effort to lower point of sale footprint, GHL developed and launched AirPOS, a mobile card payment device for small and medium businesses. After struggling to stretch out to more potential clients using digital media, they reached out to NextsClick for acquiring qualified leads. After careful evaluation of the market and a thorough communication audit, the team determined that Facebook would be the best-fit tool for the objective.

We spoke with Stanley Wong, the chief conversion strategist at NextsClick to learn more about the objective from the client side, the workflow for problem identification, the execution to deliver results, the rationale behind the execution and his afterthoughts.



Before our involvement with GHL, they tried to set up a Facebook page on their own. Their intention was as simple as to run ads and boost the page for inquiries or sign-ups. However, the result was poor and did not reach the right target audience. Ended up with zero conversion in sales leads.

When GHL approached us for a collaboration, our objective is to drive online sales inquiries or sales leads with our professional marketing service for their new product called “AirPOS”.

It was not easy to convert traffic into leads by using Facebook because most of the FB users had no intention of signing up or buying your product. Generating online sales lead for B2B product in Facebook was even challenging compared to Google Adwords. Unlike other consumer products, we couldn’t target normal Facebook users. It has to be business owners. So, we needed to narrow down the circle to utilize our budget well. Since AirPOS was a new entrant in the market that had significantly lower advertising budget than many of its competitors who are from the banking industry.




  • They did not have a website or landing page to explain further about AirPos
  • There was no proper sign-up form available. Instead, they used Facebook messenger to attract inquiries. However, most of the private message inquiries were not converting because the client was not able to get hold of their contacts and information in a proper manner.
  • They did not reach the right target audience who are the business owners or decision maker.


After much discussion, we decided to:

  1. Build a proper landing page with creative images to introduce AirPos. As for the content, we listed the benefits and reasons why the business owners should use a Mobile Credit Card Terminal device to improve their business and increase sales. Besides, we also created a Search Engine Optimized and conversion focus page to receive sign-ups. Therefore, setting an effective sign-up form was essential to improve the CRO.
  2. Implemented proper analysis to test the traffic. We needed to know the number of daily traffic to the website and the numbers of sales converted every day. We generated the statistic by utilizing Facebook conversion code and Heat-map tool to ensure that every event from button clicks to internal and external page navigation was completely tracked.

Furthermore, we encouraged GHL to allocate a 3-month budget for Facebook advertising to create brand awareness in the market. Since we did not have much traffic at the first place, we needed more ad budget to drive massive Facebook traffics to our landing page. By doing so, we could accumulate a sizeable amount of data for analysis to improve our sales funnel process and generate more conversions.


The rationale behind the strategy proposed is to assist our client to market their product and brand their name in the proper way. At first, we need to understand the real problem that client is facing. Although every registered business owner can use AirPos, we should segment the target audience because the device can be used in many industries. For example, durian stalls owners, home-based business owners or individual who always travels such as the air-cond service business owners for them to receive payment instantly. With a proper landing page and the right targeting method in Facebook, we can continuously optimize our Facebook channel. By using a custom-built attribution model, our creatives are tested to be a positive ROI.


  • Landing Page
  • Creative Ad & Copy
  • Facebook Ad Optimization
  • Sales Funnel
  • Conversion Tracking



Within the first 2 months of our campaign, we had successfully generated over 1,000 sales! It was almost a 60% boost in sign-up rate. Our campaign had proven effective compared to the reliance on cold calling or door-to-door approach. Currently, we are the main agent to generate business leads for GHL. To client’s surprise, it has far exceeded our their expectation of 3-5% ROI on the advertising budget given.


Upon reflection of the strategy development and campaign execution, we should have created a website instead of using a landing page at the beginning of marketing planning. A website can provide more comprehensive information to the interested business owners and help them to understand more about the benefits of using the product. Especially to those who are still new to the latest technology on the payment system. Besides, a comprehensive website can also accumulate credibility and build trust with our potential buyers. It is beneficial for short-term promotion and long-term operation too.

About NextsClick Malaysia

Headquartered in Malaysia, NextsClick is a digital performance marketing agency. They company is result oriented to create online awareness and generate leads to convert more sales. NextsClick attributes its success towards an approach whereby clients are put in the center of everything they do. With profit intricately linked to client’s sales performance, the company lines up its activities with full accountability and transparency. This approach has given the agency the motivation to perform better and exceed client’s expectations.

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Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed

Babar Khan Javed is a Correspondent for Branding In Asia.

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