Wavemaker China Embarks on a Transformational Journey Exploring New Ways to Grow With Brands

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Wavemaker China has announced today a new business architecture, with strategic teams and pillars in place allowing the agency to maximize the potential of the latest market opportunities to boost growth for its clients.

The agency sets three agency pillars and 10 business roles to increase focus and expedite growth across key areas, futureproofing their agency model, it said

As part of this initiative, Wavemaker China has appointed Sachin Gupta as Chief Investment Officer, Riki Li as Chief Transformation Officer, Tanya Xing as Chief Digital Officer and Milton Liao as Chief Business Officer, South China, who will join Josephine Har and Julep Lin, who were recently named Chief Strategy and Growth Officer and Chief Client Officer respectively, and the already stablished senior leadership team with Christy Chen as Talent Director, Henry Wang as Chief Product Officer, Jeff Yan as Chief Business Officer and Eric Zhang as Chief Commercial Officer.


Per the release:

Wavemaker continuously strives to positivily provoke growth, enabled by a continuous transformation that makes real its belive that “there’s always a better way to grow.”

Wavemaker China positions itself as much more than a media agency, but a data and marketing technology driven communications partner.

The agency has been recently awarded by Campaign Agency of the Year with a Gold trophy as a Performance Agency and a Silver trophy as a Data Analytics Agency. Under the state-of-the-art planning framework -Provocative Planning, the agency has released its RPA and automation platform – WIE (Wavemaker Intelligence Engine), FRONT Model and an interest-based precision model – GRAVITY, together with Ocean Engine Yuntu.


The core of Wavemaker’s future development lies in delivering more value to its clients, continuously enhancing data, tech and digital solutions that deliver more business outcomes for brands, and staying ahead of the curve with a provocative, forward thinking mindset to make the most of emerging marketing opportunities. Even in the challenging year of 2022 in China, Wavemaker achieved a 97% client retention rate, a 70% new business win rate, and sustained double digit growth for the fifth consecutive year.

To enhance its business advantage, Wavemaker China is accelerating its digital transformation to become, more than an agency, a brand’s business partner. Jose Campon, CEO of Wavemaker China, has set the new business architecture across 3 pillars including Business Leadership, Investment and Operations, and Strategic Solutions, each led by the best talent in the market in their respective fields.

In times of a sluggish economic environment, brands tend to focus on immediate results, jeopardising often their future growth if not executed through a strategic lens. Wavemaker China addresses this through an operating design that simplifies complexity, allowing focus and, therefore, enables sustainable growth for both brands and the agency. With this new business architecture, Wavemaker strengthens its competitive edge in China.

Jose remarked, “Wavemaker China believes in Positive Provocation. We strive to be bold, to push the boundaries and move farther. We believe there is always a better way to grow, and whether its brand or performance, at the end there’s really no distinction: it’s a thorough strategy and execution that maximises the power of the brands and how they best connect with consumers to deliver short term results and sustainable, long term growth.”

Patrick Xu, WPP Greater China CEO and GroupM North Asia CEO, believes that “meaningful change can only be achieved by holding a long-term vision. The new Wavemaker China business architecture is a forward-looking organisation that responds to both current priorities and future challenges, which will incubate closer collaboration with enterprises and brands.”


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