Twitter Launches Branded Likes in Japan, US, UK, and Saudi Arabia

Image: Jeremy Bezanger via Unsplash

Twitter has announced the rollout of branded likes – an offering that enables advertisers to turn the social network’s like button into a custom animation. They will be available as an add-on to Twitter’s Timeline Takeover option, which allows an ad placed by a brand to be the first to appear when a user accesses Twitter for the first time that day.

The option will first be available to managed advertisers reaching consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

“For big moments like these when you want to launch something new, drive awareness of your brand, or amplify conversation, we’re building bold, creative ways to stand out on the timeline,” Twitter said in a release.


Advertisers can select a hashtag – and up to 10 translations of that hashtag – for their Branded Like.

Twitter said it will work with creative partners including Bare Tree Media for activations running in the United States, United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia, and with Carbon in Japan, to create custom artwork for the campaign.

When a user taps the Like button on an organic or promoted Tweet that contains the pre-selected hashtag, the custom Branded Like animation will appear. The Branded Likes will appear for up to 24 hours in the same geography as the brand’s Timeline Takeover.

Twitter said that during testing Branded Likes generated positive impact when paired with Timeline Takeover, seeing a +277% lift in recall, and +202% lift in purchase and consideration intent, adding that, “we also see excitement and interest from consumers on our platform to see more brands tapping into this feature.”

A survey by the company found that 2 in 3 people found Branded Likes to be “appealing.”