Southeast Asia dominates Per User App Downloads

America and China may have more apps downloaded overall, but on a per-user basis, Southeast Asian countries are home to the kings and queens of app download rates according to industry tracker InMobi.

If your in the app industry and you’re looking for a trending market to start spreading your brand, you might want to set your sights on Southeast Asia. And besides, with all those great beaches, are there many other places better to expand your business?

From eMarketer:

Based on activity via InMobi’s network, nearly 5 apps were downloaded per 100 users in Malaysia, and more than 4 per 100 users were downloaded in Indonesia. That was nearly twice the rate of third-place Philippines, with South Korea and Taiwan rounding out the top five. The US was down in eighth place, with just 1.25 mobile app downloads per 100 users.


eMarketer estimates that throughout Asia-Pacific, 23.9% of the total population will own and use a smartphone at least monthly this year. That compares with 51.3% of consumers in North America, the only region where an outright majority of individuals will be smartphone users.


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