Samsung Wants to Turn Your Refrigerator Into a Work of Art in Partnership with Local Creators

Tired of your ordinary-looking refrigerator? Feeling like you could use something a bit more artsy in your kitchen? Samsung Electronics, the makers of a TV that doubles as a picture frame, now offers printable decals that cover your fridge and make it look like a work of art.

Following the debut of a BESPOKE refrigerator in Singapore, Samsung Electronics has offered consumers more panel design options with the introduction of the BESPOKE Creators Collection. It consists of six designs from local interior design firm ROOOT Studio, artist Candice Phang, as well as the winners of Samsung’s #BESPOKEDesignedByYou contest.

Consumers looking to further personalize their refrigerators now also have the option of printing out their original artwork as refrigerator decals for the panels. This allows them to design the refrigerator to reflect their distinctive personalities and styles.


“The BESPOKE range has opened new design possibilities for homes, and we’ve received numerous feedback from consumers that they want more customization and design options,” said Gavin Yeong, Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics Singapore.

“With the introduction of BESPOKE Creators Collection, we hope to lay the groundwork for more collaborations with local designers and creators who can put their unique spin to household appliances that can appeal to more discerning homeowners.”

The BESPOKE Creators Collection features unique designs that aim to elevate your home appliances into works of art. Samsung Electronics Singapore has also rolled out a customization option available on the Samsung Online Store and selected retailer stores, allowing consumers to their own personal touch and flair.


Options available from local creators

Kitchen View with Birds by ST Leng

“From the kitchen of her little flat, my friend sees a regular kingfisher which brings her joy every time. This cherished memory can now be brought to life in anyone’s kitchen — the joy of experiencing the vibrance of life within nature.”

Journey by Raymond Kong

“Like how refrigerator magnets often tell a cherished story or memory for the dwellers at home, this art piece pays homage to the feelings of nostalgia with its magical dose of vibrance and life.”

Cat’s Apartment by Liang Yi Jie

“Designed with clear precise lines and a meticulous attention to detail, feel free to get a closer look—can you find the cat residents living in the apartment?”

Yin & Yang — the Balance of Life by Goh Chen Lin

“A portrayal of the harmony of life, a pair of koi fish arranged like the yin-yang symbol brings perfect balance to any home.”

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