Japan Expresses Dissatisfaction with Neighboring Korean Cuisine Says Poll

As part of their nation branding strategy to promote the national cuisine, the Korean Food Promotion Institute recently released the results of a poll asking 6,000 residents across 10 major cities for their thoughts on Korean food.

While overall 64.1 percent of those polled expressed an awareness of Korean food, Japan ranked the lowest at 32.8 percent.

Southeast Asians were the most familiar with it at 80 percent, followed by Chinese with 75 and Americans with 63.3 percent, according to the survey.


In terms of satisfaction with Korean food, Japan also scored the lowest with 54.2, while the highest numbers came from Southeast Asia at 88.6 percent, followed by the United States with 88.4 percent.

The institute attributed the lower satisfaction with Korean cuisine, known as “hansik” in Japan to strained bilateral relations between the two neighbors who still have rows over territorial issues and their shared colonial past.

The study said that high awareness and satisfaction in the Southeast Asia region is largely due to the popularity of Korean pop culture in the region.



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