IKEA’s Everywhere Campaign Transforms Places Into IKEA Stores

According to a new campaign, the world’s largest IKEA store arrived in the Philippines back in 2021, but not everyone can make the trip to Manila to visit the store. Since there’s only one IKEA store in a country with over 7,000 islands this pushed prospective customers to other stores that are closer and more accessible.

In a new campaign via Ogilvy the brand did something that’s never been done before: turn every place possible into an IKEA store.

The #IKEA Everywhere campaign places actual products in public places. Restaurants weren’t just meant for delicious dining but shopping as well. Nail salons became Filipinos’ one stop shop for manicure, pedicure, and browsing through IKEA favorites. Even gyms, clinics, and beaches were turned into stores.


You can shop at these locations by scanning the QR code beside the furniture.

Image via Ogilvy

Taking things a step further, influencers also participated in what became a country-wide easter egg hunt, the brand said with people searching and scanning all the different IKEA stores they could find. Some people even joined in by posting their homes online as IKEA stores as well.

The campaign was a success, resulting in a significant increase in website visits and purchases. Withing only just one month after its launch, purchases made on the IKEA website rose 30% compared to the same period last year, and online foot traffic was 4.5x the physical store foot traffic.


Image via Ogilvy

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