Creative Introvert Releases ‘The Quiet Type’ Brand to Celebrate World Introvert Day

According to a new campaign, introverts make up between 30 to 50 percent of the population, adding that “despite this, we live in a world where the loudest voices are often the most valued, meaning we miss out on the talents and attributes that introverts can bring.” This due to the fact that “while their social battery might be small — introverts have a lot to offer the world.”


To celebrate World Introvert Day on 2 January, Clemenger BBDO senior creative (and life-long introvert) Ellie Dunn has released The Quiet Type, featuring a range of subtle shirts for introverts.


“For introverts, the world of advertising can be an overwhelming place at times,” said Dunn.

“Group brainstorms, open-plan offices, big presentations, endless social events – you name it. But it’s also an industry where being a good listener can lead to the most powerful ideas, which makes it weirdly perfect for introverts too.”

Everything about The Quiet Type has been designed to feel introverted in nature — from the gentle colour palette, to the soft tee material, to the small slogan font that wants to be seen, but doesn’t want to shout.


The t-shirts include Shy and Mighty, Quietly Confident, Softly Outspoken, Born to be Mild, Unsocial Butterfly, and Sensitive Material.

Says Ellie, “While the world has come to better understand introverts, it’s often still seen as a bit of a negative. I hope these t-shirts remind introverts to love themselves just the way they are. Because quiet types are the best types (well in my opinion, just quietly).”

Pre-orders are available now until December 9 at Follow The Quiet Type on Instagram.


Photography: Tracey Lee Hayes
Design: Zoë Marron Davies

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