Creative Insights: Maria Cristina Manosalva & Henry Ramirez Rincon on the ‘Pet Interns’ Campaign

The award-winning campaign sought to creatively address two important issues.

Geometry Colombia / VMLY&R Commerce recently took home honors for their campaign “Pet Interns” for the Rescue Me Foundation at the annual Luum Awards competition.

Launched in November of 2021, the campaign sought to creatively address two issues: Dogs in need of adoption from shelters, and employees in need of stress relief following a return to office life post-pandemic

To learn more about the campaign we spoke with Geometry Colombia’s Maria Cristina Manosalva and Henry Ramirez Rincon. The pair talks about the inspiration behind the campaign, some of the challenges in putting it together, its effectiveness in the market, and more.


Tell us about the inspiration behind the campaign and how it evolved creatively.

The inspiration behind this campaign was the love we have for animals, we wanted to create a program that helped all these stray dogs on the streets, and make it on a basis of mutual benefit, the dogs found a shelter and adopters, and the companies could reduce the stress and anxiety levels of their employees, we wanted to make a big change and help as many dogs we could in an optimal way.

What were some of the challenges in putting the campaign together for launch?

The first challenge we had was how to reach companies, and how can we make contact with their HR personnel, that’s when we think of LinkedIn as a new channel of communication for PetInterns, but with this platform we had the issue of having the profiles of our dogs shut down several times because of its strict policy when it comes about profiles, for this, we need it to be the focus and pay close attention to each profile, if one was shut down, we created another at the same time, after we contacted our target, we created fan pages to prevent being restricted again.

But that wasn’t all, we had a few more challenges, one of them was gaining the trust of the companies we reach through LinkedIn, they weren’t very open to the idea of a dog visiting their offices at the beginning, so we decide to reach the media to solve this, with their backup and the data we had in our hands about the benefits the program could bring to companies, we manage to start our visits to different companies.


What were the results in terms of your client and your agency’s KPIs?

We achieved and even exceeded the results for each objective we planted, the most prominent was that we manage to raise the adoption of senior dogs from 10% to 200%, which was a huge success for our campaign. We also reduce the levels of stress and anxiety of the employees of each company we went, we measure it with psychosocial tests and discover a reduction from 65% to 0% when they were interacting with our dogs, because of this we had over 50 companies in the program.

And lastly, I would like to highlight that we generated more than 1.5 million dollars in free press for Petinterns, in which renowned news channels were involved, such as NBC, Yahoo News, NGO, Telemundo, and more than 26 important local news channels.

What was a peer campaign amongst the award entrants that you liked?

Sugar kids of VMLY&R HEALTH Spain, I think they did a wonderful job making visible the amount of sugar kids eat in one year, they make it in such a way that wasn’t disturbing or aggressive, instead, it was shown in an artistic way that as we can see, was very effective to attract the attention of the public and make It easier to introduce the new law.

In terms of the creative ad industry, as we emerge from the pandemic, are there any particular trends you’re seeing in the market?

Branded virtual worlds:

The in-game advertising market is growing each year, so it wouldn’t be rare to see new virtual branded experiences to reach younger generations, making this type of technology a new channel to reach people in hopes of increasing engagement with the user.

Account-Based Marketing

It is a marketing strategy in which personalized campaigns designed to connect with each account that interests us are used. This is done through the IP address of each account, being a highly accurate marketing technique in real-time, in which the content reaches only the accounts that interest us.

Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile devices represent a great part of the traffic on the Internet, which is why recently a “mobile first” approach has been adopted. This marketing approach is intended to collect information about the audience that uses mobile devices when browsing the web and use that information to create automated content

Branded virtual worlds

The in-game advertising market is growing each year, so it wouldn’t be rare to see new virtual branded experiences to reach younger generations, making this type of technology a new channel to reach people in hopes of increasing engagement with the user.

Chatbots and live chats to sell

Currently, it is considered that including chatbots and live chats improves sales results, this is because it shortens the process of generating leads, allows user monitoring and consequently personalizes the offers that are sent to each user.

Shopping on TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest

The expansion of functionalities to make direct purchases in some apps has been something new that has been implemented in some social networks. TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest are already some of the networks that have taken the initiative in this trend.

Why do you think awards such as the Luum Awards are important for the industry?

Luum is one of the few festivals that award this kind of social and environmental causes, aside from the fact that Switzerland is a country known as an icon for this kind of cause and due to the fact that Luum doesn’t have a hierarchy when it comes to its jury, we believe that Luum is a really fair festival and were glad this type of event are holded, especially in this times of social and environmental crisis in which we need to create social awareness and promote a change in the search for a better world.


Henry Ramirez Rincon – VP Digital
Luz Manrique – Media & Content Analyst
Julian Guarín – Director General Creativo
Mattheuv Osorio Cardona Osorio – Digital Project Manager
Manuel Gómez – Media & Content Analyst
Maria Cristina Manosalva Rivera – Director of Corporate Comunications
Daniela Mariño – Digital Trainee
Ramiro Garcia Salas– Front and Back End Developer
Daniel Sánchez Gómez– Digital Project Manager
Daniel Castro – Front and Back End Developer
Sara Hernandez – Digital Project Manager
Sol Quintero – Senior Digital Project Manager
Juan Andrés Méndez González Méndez – Audiovisual Producer
Lucas Pimienta – Motion & Content Designer
Dariel Bogotá – Motion & Content Designer
Jonhatan Bolivar – Motion & Content Designer
Liliana Peña Parrales Peña – Art Director
Camilo Lucena – Sound Engineer
Manuel Bordé – Global CCO
Edwin Pineda Tobon Pineda – CCO
Carlos Eduardo Romero Cruz Romero – GCD
Xavier Serrano – CEO
Camilo Afanador – VP Experiential
Sebastián Gutiérrez Sierra – VP Planning

This is part of a series of interviews done in collaboration with the Luum Awards. To learn more or enter the awards, go here


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