Coca-Cola to Feature K-Pop Boy Band BTS on Cans and Bottles in South Korea

Coca-Cola will be releasing a new series of cans and bottles featuring each of the seven members of the popular Korean boy band BTS in South Korea. The group, which has been enjoying increasing popularity on the global stage, is the brand ambassador for Coca-Cola in the country.


Though the campaign is only taking place in Korea, BTS fans have caused a stir by reposting pictures and requesting for the beverage brand to make the special edition cans and bottles available globally.



#방탄소년단 #박보검 그리고 코카-콜라와 함께우리의 여름이 짜릿하게 깨어난다!올 여름 코카-콜라와 함께 더 짜릿해질 준비 됐다면 공유 GOGO!#코카콜라 #이맛이느낌#여름을더짜릿하게

Posted by Coca-Cola on Thursday, June 28, 2018

BTS was also featured in promotions for Coca-Cola during the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia.

The brand also enjoyed a successful promotion of Sprite by K-pop girl group Black Pink.

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