Brown-Forman Partners with BBDO for Brand Communications Across Asia

Connecting with customers requires exceptional communication strategies. For Christian Ozzati, Brown Forman’s Marketing Director for Asia, a big part of the strategy was to overhaul brand communication within the region.

This meant removing all barriers that have been set and reinventing the company’s approach towards consumer engagement with communication, which includes partnering with BDDO Asia to deliver world-class, contextually relevant communications with precision, the agency announced today.

“With the recent consolidation of the company’s communication management to BBDO Asia, a large amount of layered, disconnected messaging to customers has been reduced and more contextually relevant brand messaging has been delivered to consumers within the region,” the agency said.


The Energy BBDO Shanghai office will serve as the regional hub for key Asian markets, including China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, with BBDO’s offices throughout Asia working in concert to support Brown-Forman’s communication needs.

Tan Tze Kiat, CEO of BBDO Asia said: “Their brands are legendary, and we intend to create famous work for them!”

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