Four Brands that are Killing it on Instagram in Asia

With over 90% of Instagram users belonging to the under-35 age group, brands from across the globe are flocking to the network to spread the word about their business. Studies have repeatedly confirmed that Instagram holds great promise as platform for business.

Instagram marketing might not be as popular in Asia as in the United States, but a few brands have actually managed to get the attention of their target audience using clever marketing tactics.

Here are four popular Asian brands that made it big on Instagram by building a loyal and engaged following.



Handle: @samsungmobile
Followers: 2 million

Region: Asia

Samsung is one of the biggest brands on Instagram and also the most popular brand on Twitter.  The company promotes its range of products using high definition images and relevant hashtags. As you can see in their gallery, the images are neat and clean and mostly devoid of text content, which is a good choice if you are endorsing a product.

Samsung Instagram - Branding in Asia Magazine


#SamsungPayItForward was one of the company’s most successful marketing campaigns that caught the attention of most Instagram users. The latest hit from the brand was its promotional image for Galaxy S6 edge Plus using the hashtag #GalaxyS6edgePlus. The image was liked by 35.4k users and widely talked about by the local audience. Simplicity, good use of black, and special effects seem to have worked well here.

Starbucks Philippines

Handle: @starbucksph
Followers: 196k
Country: Philippines

Starbucks, as we all know, is one of the most popular brands in the U.S. With some aggressive promotion on social media, the company was able to grab a slice of the Instagram audience. The Philippines branch won the heart of over 196,000 followers (the numbers continue to grow) by posting just 477 content. Worthy content.

Every post reminds us of the friendly ambience and yummy variety of drinks served at each of the brand’s outlets across Southeast Asia.

Starbucks Instagram - Branding in Asia Magazine

Among its many images, one that caught the attention of most users was that of its Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha and Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle. Seeing the picture, one can understand that the photo has been snapped by a service staff – the close-up shot adds to the originality of the photo and makes it more tempting for the discerning taste buds.

On the whole, what makes Starbuck’s photo gallery even more special is the fact that the brand constantly uses variations in its content. Some are plain pictures of their top-selling drinks while some are peppered with captions and short descriptions to spark an immediate response from the audience. The hashtag #starbucksph is predominantly applied in most of its photos and that has in turn been used by a number of coffee lovers in Philippines.


Handle: @airasia
Followers: 191k
Country: Malaysia

With over 191k followers, AirAsia is clearly one of Malaysia’s most popular airline brands on Instagram. Back in 2013, when Airlines across Asia were reporting low sales, AirAsia used Instagram to promote its low cost services and improved its business from strength to strength.

The company uses the platform to keep its fans posted on its recent developments and offers in an interactive way. You can see a lot of posts about the brand’s new offers, contests, competition, and original pictures from the loveliest places on Earth. The gallery is brimmed with filter-enhanced photos that tempt visitors to hop on the plane for a stress-breaking vacation.

AirAsia Instagram - Branding in Asia Magazine

A simple picture of an aeroplane with a Happy New Year 2016 message worked really well for its promotion when combined with a ‘surprise offer’ announcement. Wishing your followers helps improve your relationship and announcing seasonal offers would be a great idea to boost your sales. This is something you can apply in your next seasonal promo.

Another good example is the short video that the brand used to notify people of its “World’s Best Low Cost Airline” award besides a range of other accomplishments. If you have an award or recognition to show to the people, try video advertising!

Tic Tac

Handle: @tictacglobal
Followers: 41.4k

Region: Asia

With constant promotions on Instagram, Tic Tac managed to attract 41.4k followers mostly from Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The gallery shows how the brand has varied its strategy from picture to picture. Each post uses a different color and theme and pellets of Tic Tac are arranged in different forms.

Tic Tac Instagram - Branding in Asia Magazine

The company recently launched its millennials campaign successfully on Instagram – this would have otherwise consumed a lot of time and effort on other advertising platforms. Partnering with influencers across niches worked well for its promotions.

Getting the help of an influencer offers two main benefits – 1) gets a wider reach for your promotions and 2) helps build trust among your followers and even non-followers. Tic Tac leveraged the benefits of Influencer marketing smartly and the results can be seen in its following.


Not all brands can repeat the magic of Samsung, AirAsia, Starbucks, and Tic Tac when – gain loyal followers with clever promotion – but there are a lot of lessons one can learn from them. It all boils down to earning the trust of people. The above-mentioned techniques should help you prepare well to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Wish you good luck!

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