Apple App Store Head Phil Schiller Deactivates Twitter Account

Schiller leads the company’s App Store and Apple Events.

Image via Apple

Phil Schiller, an Apple Fellow responsible for leading the App Store and Apple Events, has deactivated his Twitter account as of Sunday for unknown reasons.

The account, which had approximately 265.8 thousand followers and just over 240 accounts followed now reads “doesn’t exist”.

Schiller, who has been on the platform since 2008, previously used the account to promote Apple products and services as a continuation of his previous role as SVP of Worldwide Marketing.


The Apple exec’s exodus from Twitter comes following CEO Elon Musk’s announcement that former President Trump’s account would be reinstated on the platform following his suspension in January 2021.


In a recent interview, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who is still active on the platform, talked about the state of Twitter and its relationship with Apple.

“They say that they’re going to continue to moderate, and so I count on them to do that because I don’t think anybody really wants hate speech on their platform.”

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