Taiwanese Style Spices Xiang Ye Diao

These gorgeous designs were designed by Shang-Chun Tai in Taichung City, in the island-nation of Taiwan for Taiwanese Style Spices – Xiang Ye Diao.

With realistic watercolor style, 香野調 represents the spirit of modern women lifestyle. Give the food more flavor, and give your life more color.

This is a brand which has four traditional Taiwan flavors, Makao, Anise, Turmeric and clove.


In order to distinctive from most of spices packaging on the market, I have used “Chinese style”calligraphy and “warm colors” flowers painting to represent the visual of the packaging. And I hope this packaging design will make Taiwanese spices a fire.
Taiwan Spices - Xiang-Ye-Diao-02 Taiwan Spices - Xiang-Ye-Diao-03 Taiwan Spices - Xiang-Ye-Diao-04 Taiwan Spices - Xiang-Ye-Diao-05 Taiwan Spices - Xiang-Ye-Diao-06 Taiwan Spices - Xiang-Ye-Diao-07 Taiwan Spices - Xiang-Ye-Diao-08 Taiwan Spices - Xiang-Ye-Diao-09

Designer: Shang-Chun Tai
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: 香野調
Packaging Content: Taiwanese Style Spices
Location: Taichung City, Taiwan



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The Staff

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