Mon Petit’s Campaign for Cats on White Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong

Image via RDS Digital

Purina Mon Petit cat treat food brand from Nestlé ran a campaign on White Valentine’s Day that saw the brand collaborate with 15 cat-friendly cafes, workshops, photography studios, online shops, and pet-friendly shopping mall, Airside, to spread love to feline friends across the city.

According to the campaign, the venues include cat-friendly cafes where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee bringing along their cats, photography studios to capture precious moments with their beloved pets, online shops crafting unique cat accessories, and Airside, the pet-friendly shopping mall where visitors can explore a wide range of pet-related products and services.

White Valentine’s Day, also known as “White Day,” is traditionally celebrated on March 14th in Hong Kong, Japan, and other parts of Asia. It is a day when people express their affection and appreciation for their loved ones, often through the exchange of gifts.


Image via RDS Digital

The coordination for this campaign was handled by the digital marketing agency, RDS Digital.

Image via RDS Digital



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