McCafe Releases ‘Vibe Kopi Susu’ With Saloma feat SonaOne & Daiyan Trisha

“We wanted to create a melody that was fresh and relevant to today’s ears, while still paying tribute to the nuances of Saloma’s music.”

McCafe Malaysia, in partnership with Leo Burnett Malaysia has released “Vibe Kopi Susu,” a collaboration that brings together the vocals of Malaysian legend Saloma with Malaysian rap sensation SonaOne and singer, actress, and artist, Daiyan Trisha.

“Vibe Kopi Susu” is a modern reinterpretation of the beloved Saloma classic, “Kopi Susu.” This iconic track has been reborn with a fresh and innovative twist, combining reimagined instrumentation that is made relevant to the Malaysian listeners of all walks of life, masterfully crafted by the multi-talented SonaOne, who serves as both the co-writer and producer of the song.

“As new generations emerge and preferences continue to evolve, one thing you can be sure of is that all Malaysians love their ‘Kopi Susu’ anytime of the day, whether it is for breakfast, tea or during a late-night snack,” said Neil Hudspeth, CEO of Publicis Groupe Malaysia and Global Client Leader – Asia Pacific.


“McDonald’s is an iconic brand than lives in and often leads culture, so with this song we wanted to give Malaysians the chance to reminisce the nostalgic and iconic Malay tune from the early post-independence era. We are excited to launch this song together with McCafe and hope it will remind Malaysians of the go-to place for their daily quality coffee fix any day, anytime, anywhere.”

The campaign added that the fusion of musical talent celebrates the rich cultural flavor of Malaysia while embracing the spirit of evolution and innovation. “Vibe Kopi Susu” enjoins listeners on a captivating journey, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary sounds.

“We wanted to create a melody that was fresh and relevant to today’s ears, while still paying tribute to the nuances of Saloma’s music,” SonaOne said of the collaborative effort.


“The inspiration was right there – Kopi Susu is a well-loved Malaysian drink for generations, and McCafe’s touch adds a whole new vibe, a new ‘rasa’ that is both timeless and current. The song is essentially that – a rich blend of classic and modern tastes,” SonaOne added. “Vibe Kopi Susu” is an eventful step forward in McCafe’s journey of bringing great coffee, culture, experiences, and stories accessible to all Malaysians of various walks of life – aptly captured in the theme, “Setiap Rasa, McCafe Ada.”

Now available for streaming on major music platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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