KiotViet Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity via Bratus Agency

The refresh sees KiotViet transition into a holistic business ecosystem.

Vietnam’s sales management ecosystem, KiotViet, has unveiled a revamped brand identity. The refresh, via Bratus Agency, sees KiotViet transition into a holistic business ecosystem, offering comprehensive tools for small businesses across sectors.

“With its refreshed identity, KiotViet aims to deepen user connections, cementing its position as a national symbol of daily intimacy,” said Bratus Agency.


Embracing the Concept of Balance

At the heart of KiotViet’s new brand concept lies the principle of balance. The idea symbolizes the significance of technology solutions in addressing business management challenges while emphasizing the importance of work-life balance.

KiotViet acknowledges the role of technology in optimizing efficiency and productivity, allowing users to save time for life experiences, personal well-being, family care, and social connections.

A Symbol of Action

The redesigned logo embodies KiotViet’s commitment to action and progress. Inspired by elements such as a “pie chart” representing business and market data, a “checkmark” symbolizing quick and easy execution, and an arrow icon signifying business goals, the logo reflects KiotViet’s dynamic approach to business management.


The intersecting segments form an abstract representation of the letters ‘K’ and ‘V,’ further enhancing the logo’s identity and flexibility.

Cohesive Brand Architecture

According to Bratus Agency, the meticulously planned brand architecture system, KiotViet ensures consistency across all communication touchpoints. The Master Logo, shared across corporate and product applications, establishes a cohesive visual language.

This system allows flexibility and adaptability, enabling the brand to grow and evolve seamlessly.

Enhanced Brand Expression

KiotViet’s new branding strategy focuses on simplifying business management issues while promoting the idea of work-life balance, notes the Bratus Agency.

Through authentic imagery and a light-hearted tone, KiotViet aims to make challenges more approachable and manageable for its users.


Client: KiotViet
Branding Agency: Bratus Agency
Creative Director/Brand Designer: Jimmi Tuan
Project Manager: Hien Nguyen
Senior Designer: X.Hoang, Nam Nguy
Visual Animation: Le Quy, Si Tran
Identity Film Story Board: Jimmi Tuan
Identity Film Animation: Si Tran, Le Quy

KiotViet Project Team
Tran Quynh Hoa – Chief Marketing Officer
Le Vu Phuong Uyen – Marketing Manager
Nguyen Van Nam – Marketing KV Manager
Vu Thanh – Product Design Manager

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