KFC Singapore Party Game for Festive Season with the Dip N’ Share Bucket

KFC Singapore has launched its new Dip ‘N Share Bucket along with a limited-edition ‘You Dip, You Share’ KFC card game.

Conceptualized by creative agency R/GA, the ‘You Dip, You Share’ game is designed to bring people together during the festive season – “over saucy conversation, and finger lickin’ good fried chicken.”

As for how to play, players choose a dipping sauce of their choice – sour cream, barbecue sauce, sriracha, or sweet mustard. They then draw a card from the deck of 100 to answer the saucy questions. Refusal to answer is an option – but it will result in a penalty decided by the group.


To put the game into action, KFC partnered with local content house SGAG to host a gameshow for a group of its four creators. In the video, released at the end of November, the creators display the potential chaotic energy players will encounter should they Dip ‘N Share their deepest, darkest secrets with the group (or not).

The card game is only available with KFC’s new Dip ‘N Share bucket – because a gathering without food and salty conversation is no fun at all.

“Given the role of food and conversation during the holiday season, we wanted to give people a nudge to bond over meaningful stories and chaotic memories. The best recipe for a fun gathering is, after all, tons of laughter, some minor screaming, good food and some fun snaps. The result: KFC’s You Dip, You Share card game!” said Jessie Lam, Senior Art Director, R/GA Singapore.

“Based on this premise, we worked with KFC to bring the game to life – because sharing food and trading stories all make for a memorable gathering. The questions in the card game correspond with the type of sauce the player picks – sweet questions accompany the honey mustard; spicy questions with sriracha, and so on. We gave each sauce flavour a persona, by painting a picture of how they would look as a character,” added Lam.


“This is the first time KFC launched its own party game to spice up gatherings, so we are very excited about the You Dip, You Share card game! With this campaign, we hope that KFC fans will be able to create fun and lasting memories with their friends, together with their favourite finger licking good fried chicken,” said Ms Juliana Lim, Senior Director, Marketing & Innovation at KFC Singapore.

KFC’s Dip ‘N Share Bucket and limited-edition ‘You Dip, You Share’ KFC card game is now available at all KFC restaurants in Singapore, for a limited time. The game retails for $14.95, while the Dip ‘N Share Bucket goes for $17.50.

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