Insight Into How APAC Travelers are Making Post-Pandemic Travel Decisions

Travel is on the up, with 92% of consumers planning vacations and 91% planning staycations over the next 12 months, says GWI.

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With post-pandemic travel picking up, the data reveals key shifts in vacationers’ travel habits, says audience insight company GWI which has launched its latest global data set focusing on travel, showing that the pandemic has made travelers more risk-averse

According to GWI “it appears that the pandemic has had a lasting impact on consumer attitudes towards traveling,” with data showing that across all generations, 37% of vacationers consider hygiene standards the most important factor when deciding to book a holiday in the next year.

This is followed by the level of precautions required (e.g. mask wearing) (36%), and clear entry requirements (36%). The findings added that, flexible travel arrangements like free cancellations and rebookings are also factors that influence vacationers’ decisions when planning their trips.


“This prioritization of safety and assurance is likely to be a result of the pandemic, which has led to many erring on the side of caution when planning a trip,” GWI said.

Highlights from the report

  • Travel is on the up, with 92% of consumers planning vacations and 91% planning staycations over the next 12 months.
  • Hygiene standards have become the most important factor when booking a trip, according to 37% of vacationers.
  • While baby boomers and Gen Zs prioritize value-for-money travel options, millennials are splurging on their vacations.
  • Gen Z vacationers’ travel decisions are increasingly influenced by what they see on social media.

Per the release from GWI

People are becoming more money-cautious about their travels, and social media is influencing where younger vacationers are travelling to

Besides caring about safety and hygiene, vacationers are also determined to make the right decisions when booking their long-awaited holiday trips. According to GWI’s Zeitgeist study on living with rising costs, 38% of consumers say that they have become more price conscious about their vacations.


This is particularly so for baby boomers and Gen Zs, who are ahead of other generations of vacationers in saying that they are price conscious. 42% of baby boomers and Gen Zs say that value for money is important to them when it comes to travel services. They’re shopping around for the best deals and keen to understand what travel providers can offer them, relative to what they’re paying.

Moreover for younger Gen Z consumers, their decision making is largely swayed by social media. A staggering 64% say that social media influences their decision about where to go. When researching and planning trips, Gen Z vacationers are also more likely than everyone else to use social media. Nonetheless, Gen Z vacationers still rely on the experiences of family and friends significantly in deciding on where to visit on holiday.

There’s nothing holding millennials back in making the most out of their vacations

Millennials are valuing the idea of vacationing over adding a few more dollars to their savings. They are way out in front of other generations for saying that vacations are very or extremely important to them, and also the generation that is most likely to book an international vacation over the next year – with three-quarters of millennials already planning a trip abroad. Alongside Gen Zs, millennials are also among the most likely to book a domestic vacation, with many wishing to enjoy themselves and relax closer to home.

The extent to which millennials value vacation time could explain their willingness to splurge on their travels. Just under 1 in 5 millennials say they look for top-range options when booking a vacation. Around 3 in 10 say they tend to buy the premium version of products. They are also more likely than other generations to say they would pay more for flights, and 36% would even spend extra on duty-free shopping as a treat for themselves.

Aditi Kohli, Senior Vice President at GWI, says, “While many people have jumped back into traveling after the disruption of the past couple of years, the ways in which we now live and work post-pandemic are heavily impacting the expectations of travel consumers.”

In response to major changes in the travel industry over the past few years, today, GWI has announced GWI Travel, the new, go-to data set for easily accessible travel related insights. It covers 10 key travel markets including Singapore, China, US and the UK.

For further insights into consumers and their post-pandemic travel habits, read the latest GWI report here.

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