Ford Celebrates the Wild at Heart for Campaign in China via Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai,

“We all grew up with the desire to move. From your first step to your first bike to your first car. These are moments filled with excitement and thrill.”

To mark Ford’s 120-year anniversary the brand has partnered with Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai, for the campaign Wild At Heart featuring its iconic family trio: Ford Mustang, Ford Bronco, and Ford Explorer Timberline.

According to the campaign, in China, most consumers buy vehicles for practical purposes and Ford has long been seen as a fun-to-drive family vehicle. The campaign adds that there is more to it – we are all driven by our human desire to move. To go wild, be free, and feel the thrill. This is where Ford Icons come in to set those desires free, with the thrill of Ford Mustang, the wildness of Ford Bronco, and free, adventurous spirit of Ford Explorer Timberline.

To showcase how Ford adds adrenaline to “the wildness in all of us,” Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai created a film centered around the essential human love for moving through the personal life stories of three characters who fall in love with movement – and everything that comes with it.


In this film, we see the coming-of-age story told from the 1990s to the present day, following the characters until each finally meets their movement match – a Ford Icon: the adventure-craving girl who are always onto the next new place with Ford Bronco; the outdoor guy who ventures into the wilderness with his travel partner Ford Explorer Timberline; and the millennial girl who yearns for speed just like her Ford Mustang.

“We all grew up with the desire to move. From your first step to your first bike to your first car. These are moments filled with excitement and thrill. Ford really understands that and wants you to feel and embrace it,” said Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director, Zhong How.


“We have so many up and coming local vehicle brands in China nowadays, it’s crucial for Ford as a foreign brand to show its strong relevance with this market, that’s why we chose to go for an emotional approach as opposed to talking about functions and features.” added Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai Creative Director, Aier Xu.

“This is one of the biggest campaigns Ford has made in years in an effort to introduce the all new Ford Icon Family for the very first time to China. The whole campaign is a love letter to all drivers in China, designed to both incur nostalgia and to show how Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai helped the modern Ford stay culturally connected with the Chinese market.


Brett Burin, Jervis Zhang, Huang Yue, Xia Shang, Tina Chen

President: Bryan Tilson
Chief Creative Officer: Vivian Yong, Ian Toombs
Head of Creative: Matt Meszaros
Creative Director: Aier Xu, Zhong How
Creative: Jing Qiu, Huzi Hu, Pumpkin Zhang, Abe Chuang, Jonathan Chan
Creative Interpreter: Ji Wu
Design: Juni Hsu, Eighteen Zhang, Fenghe Luo
Design Producer: Vic Zhang, Dennis Chen
Production: Fang Yuan, Lynn Chu, Leah Ai, Vina Zhou
Strategy: Summer Yang, Scarlett Li, Rachel Wang
Brand Management: Linlin Shan, Bell Ge, Bo Yan
Business Affairs: Jessica Deng, Yehui Chen, Gloria Ji
PR: Shannon Chen, Jessica Goh

Sr. Print Producer: David Niblick
Retouchers: Jesse Corinella, Elizabeth Riley, Kevin Walker, Rose Pile, Chris McClelland, Sharon Mathis

Production House:
Production: Shanghai Qianxi Media
Executive Producer: Tiger Zhao, Rachel Zhu
Director: Réalité (Jason+Alba)
Agent : Marta Argullos
Producer: Tiger Zhao
Production Manager: Fu Yang
Production Coordinator : Sandy Shi
Line Producer: Lin Tongtong, Li Wenwen
1st Assistant Director: Syoun
Stylist: Xiaofeng
Asst. Stylist: Shuang shuang, Ruonan
Art Director: Zorana
Assistant Art Director: Wang Gang
Props Master : Ma Shoubin
DOP: Arnau Valls Colomer
Focus Puller: Shawn
Gaffer: Kok Kin Wing
Grip: Zhang Shuqiang, Xu Leilei, Wu Zhong
Casting: Chengdu Limo Casting Studio

Post Production: Bottles
Executive Producer: Hester, Mendy

Audio Production: Takeone
Executive Producer: Jayne


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