Facebook Pulls Ad With Candidate Holding Gun Warning ANTIFA to ‘Stay the Hell Out’ of Georgia

While Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been reluctant to wade into the political fray regarding content on the platform from President Donald Trump, the social media giant apparently is willing to draw the line on certain things. Facebook late last week removed a political campaign ad showing congressional candidate Marjorie Greene holding a AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and threatening ANTIFA to “Stay the HELL out of NW Georgia.”

Facebook said that the ad from Greene, who is running for Georgia 14th Congressional District candidate Marjorie Greene, violated their advertising policy on “weapons, ammunition, and explosives.”

Greene’s campaign posted the ad on Facebook last Tuesday but by  Thursday, it informed them that the video would be removed. The 20-second spot reached more than 2 million people before being deleted, according to Fox News.

The ad remains on Twitter where it has been retweeted over 15 thousand times and received nearly 7,000 comments.

According to Greene, the move by Facebook is the latest example of “Big Tech censorship on conservatives.”

“Facebook lets antifa organize terrorist attacks on America but pulls my post down,” Greene said. “America is a country of law and order – not anarchy. Telling antifa thugs to stay out of Northwest Georgia is not a violation of Facebook. Northwest Georgia will not let antifa burn our churches, loot our businesses and destroy our homes.”

Facebook Stands by Decision

“We removed this ad, which advocates the use of deadly weapons against a clearly defined group of people, for violating our policies against inciting violence,” Facebook said in a statement to Fox News.

Facebook told Greene’s campaign that she can’t have ads “promoting the brandishing of firearms,” according to an email also reviewed by the news organization.

Georgia’s Gun-Toting Candidates

Facebook pulled another ad recently from a former Georgia congressman with an AR-15 saying “Whether its looting hoards from Atlanta, or a tyrannical government in Washington, there are few better Liberty Machines than an AR-15.”

Facebook initially didn’t pull the ad until complaints were lodged against it reports Vice.

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