Burger King Highlights Humanity’s Fascination With Flame

No, no, don’t eat that!

Humanity’s fascination with flame has been around for a very long time and it usually starts at a very early age. As demonstrated by Burger King in a new campaign called “Born to be Flame Lovers.”

According to the creative agency behind the work, Buzzman, “We’ve always had an uncontrollable attraction to it, going as far as to think there’s nothing better. And maybe that’s why Burger King has been flame-grilling its burger meat since 1954: the taste is unrivaled.”


In celebration of the brand’s 70th anniversary of flame-grilled taste, the new campaign from Burger King France shows babies and toddlers marveling at their birthday cakes and inevitably being drawn to the candle flame in front of them.

According to Buzzman, it’s all authentic, produced without using AI or retouching, and made up entirely of videos posted on the Internet.

The campaign also has a print and social component.



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