B-Heart Featured in Campaign to Energize Malaysia’s Junior Hockey Team for World Cup

Mediabrands Content Studio has collaborated with TNB, hockey fan site TNB Hokita and rap artist B-Heart to produce a music video in support of the Malaysian junior hockey team.

‘Tenaga Untuk Malaysia (V-UP)’, which stands for ‘Energy for Malaysia, Victory-Up’, aims to rally Malaysians in support of the Malaysian youth team at the Junior Hockey World Cup 2023 taking place in Kuala Lumpur between 5 to 16 December.

“There is a strong corelation between sports and music, and our data has shown that our young hockey fans have an affinity for rap and hip hop,” said Andy Ng, Head of Performance Content & Social of MBCS.


“We chose to work with B-Heart as he has a strong street cred with the younger generation. In collaboration with producer LastKhalif, they have managed to capture the essence of the connection between fans and players, to bring forth the energy for victory.”

The music video features members of the Malaysian junior hockey team, affectionately known as the Young Tigers, prominently highlighting captain Muhammad Faris Harizan, goalkeeper Rafaizul Mohamad Saini, and teammates Alfarico Lance Liau Jr, Azmilmuizzudin Misron, Harris Iskandar, Mughni Kamal, Shahmie Irfan Suhaimi and Wan Muhammad Najmie.

The song and video narrate the story of TNB’s grassroots efforts in hockey (through TNB Thunderbolts, a youth hockey development programme) and emphasises Malaysia’s bravery to take on the challenge to go for victory.


TNB has been a supporter of hockey in Malaysia since 1960, with a clear mandate to raise social mobility through education and sports. Over the years, the TNB Thunderbolts programme has nurtured several athletes, providing opportunities for growth and ensuring a bright future for players. The current junior national team has 13 players who have gone through this grassroots programme, and TNB is proud to continue solidifying the fan base of hockey to urge Malaysians to rally for victory with the players over this tournament and beyond.

The song was written and composed by Malaysian rapper B-Heart, in collaboration with local producer LastKhalif and Zikzak Legacy. Production of the music video was a collaboration between Y22 Production and AHK MediaArena and directed by Syamim Tuan Hassan.

Ng added “Hockey has never had a war cry before, and as hosts of the 2023 Hockey Junior World Cup, we felt it was a fitting time for us to now introduce one. The junior team is ranked 8th in the world, and it’s important to let them shine as they “go for the V” and know that Malaysia is behind them.”

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