Suzuki Pitches a Lifetime in ‘Time Machines’ Ad via Deloitte Digital


Suzuki has launched a new installment of its For Fun’s Sake brand platform with its new campaign ‘Time Machines’ via Deloitte Digital.

“Australians know that Suzukis are fun and all round great quality vehicles, but we wanted to highlight their legendary reliability and the fact that they simply will last you, forever,” said Michael Pachota, general manager of automotive, Suzuki Australia,.

“So, we thought we’d help them imagine a lifetime in one.”


Matt Lawson, chief creative officer of Deloitte Digital, added, “Suzukis are so reliable that they’re not just cars, they’re time machines; taking you far into the future…in real time. Not all cars have this incredible ability, for durability.”


Client: Suzuki Australia
General Manager, Automotive: Michael Pachota
Marketing Manager, Automotive: Handsome Robert Rosengarten
Assistant Marketing Manager, Automotive: Daniel Sammut
Marketing Coordinator, Automotive: Tom Lyden

Creative Consultancy: Deloitte Digital
APAC Chief Creative Officer/Partner: Matt Lawson
Executive Creative Directors: Charles Baylis
Creative Director: Gustavo Vampre
Designer: Danni Lebon
Art Director: Emmanuel Damianos
Copywriter: Talia Stone
Partner: Adrian Mills
Group Account Director: Daniel Loukidis
Account Manager: Jaya Abela
Head of Integrated Production: Rob Weir
Senior Producer: Maria Borowski
Production Assistant: Bella Di Stefano
Finished Art: Deloitte Digital Content Studio


Film Production: T&DA
Virtual Production: SteelBridge Studio
Virtual Production Supervisor: Bryn Morrow
V.A.D Supervisor: Jordan McIness

Post Production: Alt.Vfx
Executive Producer: Eyvonne Carfora
VFX Producer: Celeste Fairlie
VFX Supervisor: Matt Chance

Media: Noisy Beast
Group Media Director: Ben Lynch
Head of Media: Valerie Murphy
Media Account Director: Andy Sevillano

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