Standard Chartered Film is a Wild Sustainable Ride

    "Through Different Eyes" is part of a new chapter in the bank's commitment to financing sustainability in places that need it most.

    By Asia Ad Junkie - Feb 5, 2021
    Standard Chartered Film is a Wild Sustainable Ride

    Standard Chartered has launched a new global brand campaign with the film “Through Different Eyes.” The spot was filmed last year in Croatia.

    The bank is committed to financing $35 billion USD of clean technology and renewables and $40 billion USD of sustainable infrastructure by the end of 2024. The campaign is an effort to underscore that plan.

    Using a mix of real footage and CGI, the film takes viewers on a journey of sustainability. It’s a wild ride on the backs of horses, rabbits, dolphins, and a pelican. The one-minute spot features a number of staggering shots and it’s honestly a bit difficult at times to tell what’s real and what’s been animated.

    The campaign goal is to show that nature can coexist with a sustainable future and in the end, the film does a pretty good job of making that case.

    It was created by TBWA\Singapore in collaboration with Cannes Grand Prix winning director Jaron Albertin of Smuggler Films and post-production studio Black Kite.


    “There is a lot of talk around sustainability, but to cut through a sea of predictable messaging we wanted a different perspective,” said Asheen Naidu, Global Creative Director, TBWA\Singapore.

    “Allowing viewers to see the benefit of Standard Chartered’s sustainability efforts through completely different eyes, felt like a really fresh way to tell our story.”

    The brand campaign launches using an updated brand experience & identity created by global consultancy Lippincott and will run across worldwide media channels this month.

    “Our intention was to connect an audience with each animal’s point of view – and while this idea is quite simple, achieving it was more complex,” said Jaron Albertin, Director, Smuggler Films.

    “The most challenging yet rewarding part of this experience was in learning to let go of a certain amount of control to the unpredictability of our animals. Parallel to the film’s messaging, our production had to learn to rely on the symbiotic dance between nature and technology.”

    2021 marks TBWA\Singapore’s 17th year as global creative agency and brand strategy partner to Standard Chartered.

    “Banks talk a good game, but often do very little,” said Robin Nayak, Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA\ Singapore+SEA. “Standard Chartered is a bank of action and we wanted to demonstrate how it lives up to its promise of here for good, by taking the global lead on the things that matter most, in the places they matter most.”



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