Instagram Hot in Korea says Facebook Head as Brands Take Note

Speaking at a media event in Seoul this week the head of Facebook Korea, Benjamin Jo, told attendees that Instagram is hot in the Korean market while adding a note of caution that brands need to provide relevant content to their followers.

“Korea is one of the fastest-growing markets for Instagram, with the number of users soaring 100 percent over the past year,” said Jo, though declining to give exact numbers.

“The service’s flexibility allows us to expand ties with diverse Korean companies, both big and small.”


The event, sponsored by Facebook Korea was aimed at getting local Korean brands and marketers to adopt the Instagram advertising platform service.

“As Instagram’s influence has expanded, we could establish diverse cooperation with local businesses,” Joe said, adding that Instagram had already successfully “built many partnerships with Samsung.”

Much like the rest of the world, the popularity of Instagram continues to grow in Korea –with Koreans viewing the mobile network as a place where they can express themselves and share their interests. While a growing number of businesses are using it to brand themselves, there is still much room for expanding the app for brand engagement.

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According to recent numbers, of the more than 100 million users that joined Instagram in the past nine months, more than half of those were living in either in Europe or in the Asia-Pacific region. Instagram now counts over 400 million users worldwide.

The Korea Herald reports that a survey conducted on 1,246 Korean users, found that women in their 20s and 30s were the most active users –but the demographic slice is likely to continue to widen.

Creating relevant content

One downside for brands is that the “unfollow” rate for is high –with almost 40 percent of followers dropping off while citing the quality of the content. This suggests that advertisers looking to raise retention should take greater heed in divining what sort of content is most appealing to their followers.

“Marketers who want to successfully advertise their products, services or brands through Instagram should have a unique concept and identity and deliver them using high-quality images,” said Kyo Seo, Facebook Korea’s creative strategist.

During the media meet up Jo also took out his crystal ball and prognosticated on the future of social media.

“During recent years, the influences of mobile and visualized messages have expanded compared to those of text,” said Jo “In the next three to four years, people may communicate with each other using virtual or augmented reality media.”

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