Dove Calls on Women to ‘Raise Your Arms’ for Change in New Campaign

“In the Philippines, there’s an intense pressure to have perfect underarms. People might even be ridiculed for not conforming to this unrealistic beauty standard.”

Image via Ogilvy

Dove has collaborated with Ogilvy Singapore to launch a new initiative called “Raise Your Arms” aimed at combatting underarm shaming and elevating women’s confidence in the Philippines. The campaign celebrates the courage of women who have raised their arms for change, impacting their communities and the broader society.

The concept behind “Raise Your Arms” stems from the recognition of underarm shaming as a persistent issue that diminishes women’s self-esteem and confidence. According to the campaign, 8 in 10 Filipino women won’t raise their arms because of underarm insecurity. To empower them and help them feel better about their underarms, Dove wants to remind them of a simple yet powerful truth: Every time women raise their arms, positive change happens.

“We firmly believe that every woman deserves to exude confidence and empowerment in her own skin,” said Bianca Cancellara, Global Vice President for Dove Deodorant.


“Our campaign transcends societal norms, empowering women to #FreeThePits and refuse to let underarm anxiety hinder their potential.”

The campaign is executed across multiple channels including visually striking outdoor posters and a strong digital presence on social media platforms. Using the hashtag #freethepits, Dove encourages women of all ages in the Philippines to join the movement and share their own moments of bravery and confidence. The campaign invites women to be ‘kili-kili proud,’ celebrating their underarms as a symbol of their strength and resilience.

“Raise Your Arms” differentiates itself by directly addressing a specific and longstanding cultural stigma, offering a platform for empowerment and change. By focusing on such a unique aspect of body positivity, Dove is fostering a more inclusive environment where women can feel proud of every part of themselves.


“In the Philippines, there’s an intense pressure to have perfect underarms. People might even be ridiculed for not conforming to this unrealistic beauty standard,” said Ria Ocampo, creative from Ogilvy.

“This was shocking to me when I explained it to people from other countries – it shows how deeply ingrained this toxic norm is in our culture. This campaign is a call to action for Filipinas! Let’s raise our arms high and reject the cultural stigma.”


Chief Creative Officer: Nicolas Courant, Marco Versolato
Creative Directors: Sudhir Pasumarty, Troy Lim, Stephan Schwarz
Associate Creative Director, Art: Ria Ocampo
Worldwide Managing Director – David Dahan
Asia Managing Director, Unilever– Aanchal Sethi
Business Director: Pritika Gupta
Account Director: Vinx Zhang
Head of Production – Gerri Hamill
Producers: Gerri Hamill, Kev Ngyuyen, Caroline Ong
Executive Strategy Director: Sumegha Rao
Strategy Director: Anam Hakeem
PR, Social & Influence: Ogilvy Philippines
Production: Sauce
Director: Xavier Mairesse
Photography: Artu Nepomoceno, Francisco Javier Ramos Rosellon
Editor: Koon

Client –
Global Vice President, Dove, Deodorants: Bianca Cancellera
Philippines Business Lead for Personal Care: Anne Esteves
Bea Joson – Deodorants Philippines Business Manager
Pat Gan – Brand Manager, Premium Deodorants


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