Burger King Turns Gray in Campaign to Fight Bullying

According to a new Burger King campaign in France, 1 in 10 children are a victim of bullying. That’s a huge number; one that everyone should be aware of to grasp just how bad the situation is.

To make sure the largest audience gets the message, Burger King has decided to use its brand, its restaurants, and its social networks to launch an awareness-raising campaign.

And it all began on 8 November, the day before anti-bullying day, when a letter in the Burger King logo strangely turned gray on all its social networks.


Then, a letter appeared in gray on some of its restaurant windows. Inside the restaurants, for every 10 tables, every 10 self-checkout machines, every 10 crowns, every ten bags, 1 turned gray.

All of this has probably jumped out at you. We did it to show you that you may be missing something. 1 gray object in 10 is noticeable. 1 child in 10 who is a victim of bullying, much less so.

In addition to this awareness-raising campaign done in partnership with Buzzman, Burger King is once again making a commitment to the charity Les Papillons, which fights against the bullying of children all year round, by donating all profits from the King Junior menus sold on 9 November 2023 (national day against bullying at school).


You too can support Les Papillons by going here.


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