Alibaba’s UC Browser Gaining on Chrome and Safari for Mobile Online Surfing

Image composite: Pixabay

While Apple’s Safari and Google Chrome enjoy a dominant position worldwide, Alibaba’s UC Browser is taking aim at the American giants.

One reason the free app for Android devices is moving upwards in the ranks is its small size which works better on low-end smartphones. Google Chrome uses 131mb of space while the UC Browser takes up only 31mb.

In the American and UK markets, most smartphones have a minimum of 32GB of storage on average, while those in Asia’s developing markets hold only around eight to 12GB – with four to five GB left spare once operating system takes up its share.


According to a study by the UN’s International Telecommunication Union, the UC Browser has become the dominant smartphone browser in India and Indonesia accounting for 30 percent of India and 25 percent of the Indonesian market.

StatCounter reports that a little over half of India’s smartphone users connected to the web via the UC Browser last year compared to 30 percent for Google Chrome while in Indonesia, UC Browser topped Chrome by 41 percent compared to 32 percent during the same recording period.

With those two massive markets accounted for, UC Browser has a 16 percent worldwide market share while Chrome is used by 39 percent of the world’s online browsers.

When it comes to Mobile browsing however, Apple’s Safari enjoys a 52 percent global market share, making it the top browser.



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