How to Sign Up for Hive – the Twitter Alternative

With all of the drama going on at Twitter, long-time users are looking for an alternative.

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With all the unknowns going on at Twitter since it was bought by Elon Musk, people have been looking for a new platform to post and keep up with their favorite creators.

As Hive describes itself, it was designed for “Bringing back what you used to love about social media in a new way. Profile music, text and image posts, polls, Q&A, and so much more.”

Hive is designed in chronological order, unlike other algorithm-driven social media which Hive says keeps users from missing out on the content they want to see when their account gets heavily targeted with ads and promotions.


According to Hive, there is no shadow banning or higher priority account shown. All friends are displayed fairly in chronological order.

Image via Hive

Hive, which was created by Raluca Pop, was launched in 2019 and has seen an influx of over 750,000 users since Nov. 17 and recently surpassed a million users.

How to Sign up for Hive

1. Download the Hive app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Currently, there is no desktop version of Hive available, so you are limited to downloading the app via Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play store.


2. Select “Create an Account” and the method by which you want to sign up

You can use your phone number or you can sign up with Google, or Sign up with Apple.

3. Enter your email or phone number and a password

Depending on how you created your account with your phone number or with your email address you’ll either need to enter a verification code or click the link in a verification email.

4. Choose your display name and username

Follow the on-screen instructions to fill out your personal details. This includes email, phone number, password, display name, username, and birthday

5. Select three topics that interest you like art, memes, and movies.

6. Tap “Start Exploring.”

In the left-hand corner, there is a beehive icon that will display posts by accounts you follow along with a magnifying glass icon that takes you to the discover page that’s organized by different topics music, books, and what is trending, for you.

To post, simply tap the plus sign on the bottom center of your screen.

How to add music to your Hive profile

Hive offers you the ability to add music to your profile. Currently, this is limited only to Apple Music, but the developers are looking to add Spotify support in the future. Be sure to connect your Apple Music account when prompted for this feature to work.

Step 1: Go to your Profile tab from the bottom menu bar on the bottom right.

Step 2: Select the My music button on your profile next to the Edit button.

Step 3: Select the first Music slot. Up to four songs are available on your profile, but the others are unlocked via a $0.99 in-app purchase.

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