Hong Kong Disneyland Highlights a Brother’s Love in New Christmas Campaign

Hong Kong Disneyland has launched a new Christmas campaign highlighting the importance of family and how meaningful and touching brotherly love can be. The spot focuses on a young boy and his little sister, who overhear a rumor on the school bus that Santa won’t be coming this year because his sleigh broke down.

The boy comes up with an idea to give his sister a special Christmas by being Santa. He even goes so far as to eat more at every meal to gain weight to complete the role.

It’s a 45-second spot so the narrative get clipped a bit and the family ends up at Hong Kong Disneyland where Goofy fills in quite nicely as a stand-in Santa Clause


Girl happy, show love for brother, Merry Christmas. See you back at the park next year.




Client / Brand: Hong Kong Disneyland
Creative Team: Cherry Leong, Antony Chow, Dick Cheng, Keith Yeung, Patrick Tom
Producer: Turkey Ho, Ken Pun
Director, Creative: Patrick Tom
Director, Marketing: Jenkin Ho
Director, Strategy: Flora Tsui
VP, Marketing: Daisy Sit
Marketing & Media Strategy: Sam Chan, Rainco Lam, Mandy Lam, Phyllis Ma, Venus Szeto, Alex Fong
Activation Team: Sincere Ng, Jess Chak, Tinny Chung
HK Disneyland Entertainment & Costuming:
Creative Director: Randy Wojcik
Associate Show Director: Jeffrey Garcia
Character Event Manager: Adeline Yeo
Lead: Christine To
Production Manager: Jan Tse
Stage Manager: Vicki Chow
Production Assistant: HoChun Sin
Production Company: Moviola Productions Ltd.
Director: Anthony Ng
Producer: Christine Ip
Director of Photography: Brian Lai
Assistant Director: David Tsui
Production Manager: Pat Lui
Director of Photography: Brian Lai
Gaffer: Chow Lam
Art Director: Lewis Fok
Wardrobe Stylist: Fung Tsz Shan
Casting: Ida Chan / Stephanie Pang
MakeUp Stylist: Cherie Wong
Hair Stylist: Veronica Chan
Post Production: Touches Ltd
Producer: Racheal Wong
Editor: Philip Chan
Colorist: Chan Kwok Choi
Online Editor: Lisa Ying
Music House: Drum Music
Composer: Eddie Chung
Manager: Winnie Chan

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