Daikin Air Conditioner Launches Meditative ‘Think About the Air You Breathe’ Ad

BWM Isobar has partnered with air conditioning brand Daikin for ‘Perfecting the Air’ – an integrated campaign led by a TV commercial and online film which actually  feels more like a breathing exercise than an ad.

A moment of calmness, solitude, and reflection with a meditative voice-over you to stop for a moment and focus on the air we breathe. The visuals are just as soothing and work in synergy. Living, breathing air pockets, from some of the country’s most pristine landscapes, drift through city and suburban landscapes before one encapsulates a home and disperse clean air inside for a family to enjoy.


“COVID-19 times and the worst bushfire crisis in our history are still firmly in the minds of all Australians, so protecting your family home with perfect indoor air quality has become more important than ever,” said BWM Isobar ECD, Marcus Tesoriero. “We’re pumped with the quality of this TV spot and campaign. Justin McMillan at Clockwork, along with the team at ALT, did an amazing job for us. Owning these beautiful air pockets as our metaphor for perfecting the air is an asset we hope to carry on for years.”


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