Unregulated Banks Wreak Havoc on Nature in ‘MoneyTrees’ Video from Greenpeace

“The visual metaphor of a forest fire raging and almost engulfing a board meeting is chilling and unforgettable.”

To mark International Biodiversity Day, Greenpeace has launched a music video, “MoneyTrees”, in collaboration with rap artist GreedyBoy. According to the campaign the video acts as a wakeup call to end the corporate destruction of nature.

Set to the beat of GreedyBoy’s specially composed track, Heckler Singapore joined the production as VFX partner on the video produced by Studio Birthplace – a Singapore-based creative agency focused exclusively on planet-positive projects.

Led by Heckler Singapore creative director Cody Amos, the VFX team got to work setting the forest on fire the agency said. They also created some of the forest environment, including a few CG trees and wood embers, along with compositing the eye-catching fire elements that star heavily in the video.


Opening on a disturbing scene of bankers destroying a rainforest with their chainsaws, the visuals then flip to the rainforest and a’ boardroom scene being engulfed in a frenzy of embers and flames.

“MoneyTrees aims to expose the absurdity of how unregulated banks pour billions in investment into the big corporations that are destroying our planet’s natural habitats,” said a release.

Heckler Singapore managing director and executive producer Charu Menon added: “I think the work Studio Birthplace are doing is essential – as their motto so succinctly puts it, they truly are telling the earth’s most urgent stories.”


“It was a privilege to come on board as a VFX partner. The visual metaphor of a forest fire raging and almost engulfing a board meeting is chilling and unforgettable. The hyperbolic performances and the music track elevate the film.”


Greenpeace Team
Davin Hutchins, Christine Gebeneter & Bamboo Zardetto

Production Company: Studio Birthplace
Film Directors/Writers/Editors: Jorik Dozy & Sil van der Woerd
Music Artist: Greedyboy aka Joseph Wills
Executive Producer: Alea Rahim
Producer: Sara Kong

Visual Effects Company: Heckler Singapore
Visual Effects Supervisor: Cody Amos
Executive Producer: Charu Menon
3D Artists: Sen Ree Ooi & Sam Schwier
Compositors: Cody Amos, Davor Zec, Johnson Lim & Abi Santos

Grading Company: No. 8
Colourist: Alex Gregory

Music Composer: Joe Wills
Music Production: Joe Wills
Music Company: Obscenic Ltd
Sound Designer: Joe Wills


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