Zion.T Album and Single Dominates South Korean Music Charts

The new album by South Korean hip-hop/R&B singer Zion.T has captured the top-selling music charts on the peninsula.

The album, called “OO” has seen its lead single “The Song” immediately top seven major domestic charts upon its release including Melon, Mnet, Genie, Naver Music, Bugs Music, Soribada and Monkey3. the song “Complex” featuring BIGBANG’s G-Dragon snatched the No. 1 spot in Olleh Music.


Another release, “Complex”, featuring BIGBANG’s G-Dragon snatched the No. 1 spot in Olleh Music chart reports Yonhap.

In the song, Zion.T brings up feeling self-conscious about being short and too skinny, but the BIGBANG leader replies in a cute and arrogant way, “Sorry, that don’t bother me ’cause I’m G-Dragon.”

The lead song’s paradoxical lyrics “I hope this song doesn’t get famous” has captivated the listeners’ attention. The singer, instead, hopes his song, which was written while reminiscing about a person for an entire day, will not be easily forgotten like most short-lived hits. The frank lyrics have made the fans questions if the singer is in a relationship. The talking style of the track makes the lyrics easy to understand.


The words in Complex have created a stir by Kpop fans who say it pokes fun at idol groups.

“I wish I were an idol / Someone handsome who can dance / ‘Cause you just have to write songs about love / ‘Cause if you can’t sing you can take it off.”

Zion.T discussed the lyrics, telling Soompi: ”

The lyrics aren’t belittling idols. I hope that there’s no misunderstanding. I saw comments, and I think in most cases it was idol fans getting mad. It’s a fact that idols endure years of training to make it through all the industry competition and debut. I respect that. I’m not an idol; our paths are different. There’s no reason for me to put idols down.”


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