Zeno Group Named PR Agency of Record for Hawaya

    By Katerin Pantaleon - Oct 28, 2020
    Zeno Group Named PR Agency of Record for Hawaya

    Hawaya, a mobile application platform that helps single Muslims across the world find a partner, has found a match in Zeno Group as its public relations agency of record. The brand work will span across its three most important Southeast Asian markets; Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

    Zeno delivered an integrated, geo-centric approach that matched data and analytics with local insights tailored to each market. It balanced a global perspective while ensuring local nuances and cultural sensitivities were addressed for an impactful entry into diverse markets. The agency will also employ its strength in influencer marketing and data-driven storytelling, for Hawaya.

    “Finding the right life partner is one of the most personal decisions in a person’s life, and it is mission-critical for us to help those find the right match,” said Sameh Saleh, Founder and CEO of Hawaya. “One thing was clear, Zeno understood local cultures and the human behavior that motivates and makes finding the ideal soulmate appealing, which are keys to knowing Hawaya’s audiences. We are excited about the future and growth opportunities for the app in different markets.”

    During the one-year appointment, Zeno will drive the overall communications direction and strategy for the brand to drive awareness and build the presence of Hawaya across targeted markets.

    “Hawaya challenged us to use data and insights across three distinct Muslim cultures, and to look at love and marriage in new ways,” said Paul Mottram, Regional President of Zeno Group Asia Pacific. “We are focused on delivering business growth for Hawaya across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, powered by the passion and innovation from our teams to deliver breakthrough campaigns and storytelling.”



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