Social Media Trends in Asia: An Interview with Socialbakers CEO Yuval Ben-Itzhak

With social media now a ubiquitous presence in nearly all of our lives, there’s no more debating whether your brand -large or small- should have a presence there. You simply should. Period.

To get more insight into how brands are approaching social, Branding in Asia recently spoke with the Yuval Ben-Itzhak, the CEO of social media analytics giant, Socialbakers, about what he sees as some of the more important trends for 2018.

Over the course of our conversation, we covered social media in Asia, the increased use of social influencers and how more organizations worldwide are bringing social media operations in-house to maintain a tighter grip on brand messaging.


A key theme discussed widely at the recent Socialbakers’ Engage Bali 2018 event was the resonance brands experience when they grab a camera and go live on social media.

While the benefits of live streaming are abundant, a majority of brands have yet to make it a part of their engagement strategy. That, says Ben-Itzhak, is due to a fear of going off script or maybe even sneezing in front of your viewers.

That’s actually what makes it great, he says.


“That’s exactly what users want. They want authenticity, they want to see that you’re a real human. It’s not fake news, it’s not an overproduced video, it’s you and you’re telling the story.”

Check out the rest of our video conversation recorded earlier this month in Bali.