Y&R Tapped to Push Four Mayora Group Brands in Indonesia

Through individual competitive pitches, the Mayora Group, one of Indonesia’s largest and most recognized FMCG companies, has tapped Y&R Indonesia to push four major brands from its Wafer & Chocolate, Biscuit, Candy and Instant Noodle business unit: chocolate wafer snack Beng Beng, instant noodles Bakmie Mewah Rasa, coffee candy Kopiko, and another as yet unnamed brand.

Y&R Indonesia is tasked to develop a 360-degree campaign, which includes TV and radio spots, print ads, school activations, and  sampling plans. This focus is to not only reintroduce Beng Beng to the younger adults but also to introduce Bakmie Mewah into the noodle market.

“Y&R was chosen as our partner due to their local consumer insight and the way they positioned us within our competitive set,” said Vieno Monintja Marketing Director for the Mayora Group.


Known for the famous phrase ‘asyik berat’ (‘cool awesome’), Beng beng is the market leader and is also the oldest chocolate wafer brand in the country.

Bang Beng Mayora Indonesia

“To win four brands from a company such as Mayora is a credit to our teams.” said Matthew Collier, CEO of Y&R Indonesia.  


“We pushed the boundaries with our thinking and creativity, and this set our work apart from the competition in the pitch. What’s more, it’s great to work with nice people and the Mayora folks are definitely that.”

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