YouTube tools Can Drive Commercial Goals for Advertisers: GroupM

Advertisers and agencies converged at the inaugural YouTube Pulse event in Karachi today to share best practices, market data, and case studies about the promising impact of the YouTube platform for campaign goals.

“In Pakistan we have approximately 44.6 million internet users at a 27% year on year growth,” said Amna Khatib Paracha, general manager of digital at GroupM in Pakistan. “So this is the most interesting medium to be working right now because every month there is something absolutely new coming up, which means we need to be on our toes also.”



According to Paracha, 21% of the population is accessing the internet via mobile phone, accounting for over 40 million citizens nationwide. She added that 40% of data usage in phone plans is consumed on video consumption and that 73% of internet users in Pakistan are using YouTube on a monthly basis.

“Ponds [by Unilever] had an eCommerce campaign; the budgets, compared to TV were not as big but we had to have a very specialised, very targeted campaign,” she shared. “We used advanced audience targeting ads and TrueView for Action ads and did very precise targeting.”


The impact of the campaign resulted in 3,000 boxes sold in 36 hours, tying in the commercial results to the activation on YouTube, which reached 3 million views. The operational profitability of the campaign was not clarified nor was the basis of the claim that the CPC was “the lowest”.


“The second campaign that we did was Kurkure [by PepsiCo],” she shared. “Kurkure was launching a new variant, a new flavour and what we wanted to do was that before you could skip the ad, you could see what the message was.”


In executing this Khatib notes that creatives had to be custom built with the messaging appearing before the five second skip option on YouTube. According to Khatib, the call to action messaging on TV comes towards the end while on digital it has to come in the beginning. She claims the campaign achieved 5.6 million impressions of which 2.2 million were views and 96% retention rate that resulted in a 15 point lift in brand recall.

In another example for Nestle, Paracha spoke about Nescafe and its desire to showcase the product and the unique selling proposition for the easy mix process, which only takes six seconds. Paracha’s team used YouTube bumpers to push ads that had speed challenges that took six seconds to complete. This resulted in a 41.6 point brand lift along with a 9 point rise in purchase intent. Paracha claims that the campaign resulted in the highest ad recall seen in the Pakistan market.


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