Yell Advertising Introduces Generative AI Platform AI-DEATE LAB

“AI-DEATE LAB aligns with the work culture of advertising agencies that operate under a ‘Hustle Culture.’”

Dissara Udomdej

Dissara Udomdej Yell’s CEO introduced AI-DEATE LAB to the public for the first time yesterday at the Marketing Technology & Innovation Expo 2023.

According to Yell, the company is elevating the industry from a craft-by-human to a craft-by-AI era, adding that they honour their human experts’ creative instincts while boosting efficiency and productivity with this platform.

Yell Advertising’s workflow and empowering tools generate artwork and storyboards with “remarkable speed and minimal team involvement, unlocking the full potential of the workforce,” the agency said, adding that it “allows creatives to focus on ideation, generating more ideas and spending less time controlling production.”


“AI-DEATE LAB aligns with the work culture of advertising agencies that operate under a “Hustle Culture,” which often leads to working overload, especially in today’s era of numerous advertising platforms and placements, said Yell in a release.

AI-DEATE LAB is still in the experimental phase, specifically for Yell Advertising, to improve its efficiency in advertising. Yell has shared the White Paper for this project to encourage developers and creators to participate on a wide scale.

Yell said it will later open it up for agencies and other organizations to use for free “to benefit their development and elevate their organizations to the next level.”



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