Xaxis Partners with Sizmek to Launch New Ad Format

Promising to deliver “effective engagement”, Xaxis has partnered with Sizmek to launch short-form video products in the APAC region. The six-second video format is mobile-first, promising to help advertisers run digital media campaigns in a premium publisher marketplaces, such as Unruly’s, which include sites and apps.

Similar to the in-app interactive elements launched by AdColony in 2018, the format has interactive elements to drive engagement and dwell time, due to the involvement of Sizmek. The format will also be shareable, with Xaxis hoping this increasing advertising mileage with an additional measure of campaign success being reaction options.

“Today, brands look to maximize reach by scaling on digital platforms, but genuine engagement remains elusive,” said Deepika Nikhilender, SVP of APAC at Xaxis.


“Our new ad format has already proven incredibly effective in terms of high-impact brand recall, giving our clients a huge competitive advantage in this market. By adding social sharing and  emotional engagement functions for the first time, we have pioneered  a distinct way for outcome-driven brands to optimize and measure  their campaign results.”

According to Phil Townend, CCO of APAC for Unruly, six-second ads are on the rise, adding that data shows they work well as drivers for reminder and response, adding that the share function is being regarded as an innovation.

Peter Hunter, GM of APAC at Sizmek believes that the emoticon reaction buttons built into the ad format will give participating advertisers a more holistic way of measuring audience engagement, adding that the format reflects the commitment of Sizmek in building personalized experiences for consumers to connect with brands.

Xaxis says that a client in the Philippines found early success with the ad format, achieving 68% view-ability with a 100% ad completion rate for two-thirds of the viewers. A representative from Xaxis compared this to Facebook, which boasts 7.88% view-ability with a 100% completion rate from just 20% of viewers.


While this looks impressive at face value, the sample size for the metrics makes an impact of the results, with Xaxis referring to the metrics of one client while citing the averages of all advertisers on Facebook, which deploy an expansive range of creatives on the platform.


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