WPP Updates Healthcare Package for US – Will Provide Funding for Travel to Get Abortions Says Report

Following news of a leaked draft from the US Supreme court suggesting that the landmark Roe VS Wade case that gives women the right to choose to have an abortion could be overturned, ad industry giant WPP said it will be updating its healthcare packages for its US staff which would include the addition of funding for health-related travel including abortion.

According to an internal memo obtained by Ad Age from WPP CEO Mark Read:

“We don’t know the full details or impact of these potential changes in reproductive rights yet but we do know we want our people to have the same health coverage regardless of where they live,” Read wrote via e-mail.


“WPP is therefore updating its benefits plan to provide funding for travel that allows consistent access to healthcare and resources, including abortion care.”

The memo ends with Read adding that the WPP provides confidential counseling and other forms of assistance, “free of charge to everyone.”

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